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“The first day I was in the volunteer centre, I was absolutely shocked and amazed at the amount of donations. When I arrived, there was already a dozen boxes and bags to be unpacked and sorted and as the day went on the donations kept coming! It was genuinely overwhelming and emotional to see all the generosity of so many people who donated. It was also upsetting to see what so many people are deprived of in these kinds of situations that many people consider basic necessities. We opened the boxes and bags of donations and sorted them into categories like food, clothing hygiene etc and sorted them into bags. We divided the bags between the organisations, and they were then collected. 

The amount of work that goes into CRiTiCALL Cork is amazing and the fact that not everyone knows about it baffles me! The impact it has on people is unreal and the thought and dedication put into it by the people in the Cork Volunteer Centre is truly brilliant. They are such a wonderful team and great to work with. They made me feel so welcome and were always very helpful if I didn’t understand something. Even though the work they are doing can be upsetting and overwhelming, they always put so much joy and effort into what they are doing. The team atmosphere in the volunteer centre was great to be around and put me right at ease with everyone being so lovely. I really look forward to working with them again.”

- Ellie (Volunteer with CRiTiCALL Cork)

I like Volunteering. It gives me something to look forward to, and somewhere different to go. I enjoy meeting new people, and using my secretarial skills to help with reception work, printing and taking phone calls.

Volunteering gives you confidence in your own abilities and teaches you to do things using your own inititave.

- Tom

I volunteer because I think working with people makes me feel good, and I like interacting with people. Volunteering is all about offering yourself, your time, without expecting anything in return. It helps with physical health, mental health and makes you feel good because you are interacting with different kinds of people from different backgrounds.


I volunteer because the contact with other people makes me better and helps me to develop new skills, including my English speech and listening.

Volunteering is much more than giving your time to help someone. It is sharing in experiences and making others feel important.

- Allysson

I like volunteering because it gives me a structure to my day. It helps me to meet people from all different countries and nationalities. Also, I like interacting with people, because volunteering is good for your mental health. You don’t concentrate on yourself. It’s all about the other people that you’re helping.

- Louise

 I volunteer next to my full-time job supporting two LGBT organisations. These positions mean a lot to me. I get to engage myself in a local community, applying the knowledge I have while learning a great deal more.

At a practical level, there is experience and the growth of one’s network to gain. While at a personal level, there are great friendships and eventful spare time activities to get involved in.

- Thomas

13 North Main St, Cork

Monday-Friday 9a.m.-5p.m.
Closed each day from 1p.m.-2p.m

+353 21 4251572