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The current Covid-19 situation may restrict our capacity to provide in person volunteering for groups. 


We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Volunteering as a team-building activity is growing in popularity, and the positives for both the volunteers and the non-profit organisations who benefit from the volunteer team are extensive. For the volunteer team it’s much more than just a few hours off from work in casual clothing for the ‘feel good’ factor – it’s the chance to work together to contribute something positive to a local community. For the non-profit organisations involved it’s a unique opportunity to have a large group of committed people on board for a short period of time – the chance to focus on a larger scale project that may not have been achievable to date.

To enable your pairing to be a match made in heaven it’s important that you’re clear about what your team is looking for.

First things first, five things to consider!


Consider the availability of your team – and be willing to be reasonably specific. Whether it’s a Friday afternoon in January or a Tuesday in July, to enable us to match you with an organisation we need to know when you’ll be free.


Just how many willing volunteers will your team consist of? Keep in mind that size can determine the type of projects we can match you with. For example, a school may need their sports hall painted, but if there are 25 in your team, what are the other 23 people going to do?


Can you travel? If so, how far?

What would your team like to do?

If this question is met with a shrug of the shoulders and apparent open-mindedness, try asking the question ‘What wouldn’t your team like to do?’. Just a slight change to the wording of the question can make all the difference. If the outdoors in December is not for you that’s okay once we know about it!

Do you have a budget for your team-building volunteer day? If the aforementioned school needs every room painted, is your team (or company!) able to provide the paint or paintbrushes?

Your next step is to contact Adam: [email protected] , and he will speak to you about all our volunteer opportunities currently available in Cork.

A handy guide to browse when planning your Corporate Volunteering Day is Volunteer Ireland’s booklet on Making your Group Volunteering Project a Success.

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