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Volunteering as a team-building activity is growing in popularity, and the positives for both the volunteers and the non-profit organisations who benefit from the volunteer team are extensive. For the volunteer team it’s much more than just a few hours off from work in casual clothing for the ‘feel good’ factor – it’s the chance to work together to contribute something positive to a local community. For the non-profit organisations involved it’s a unique opportunity to have a large group of committed people on board for a short period of time – the chance to focus on a larger scale project that may not have been achievable to date.


Information Sessions

Would your team be interested in learning more about Volunteering in Cork?

The Cork Volunteer Centre team can tell you a little about the Volunteering landscape in Cork, and how you can put your skills to good use, and support communities in Cork. 


If members of your team are interested in volunteering, they can search on our site for any Team / Corporate Volunteer vacancies currently available. 


Click here to search.


Maybe your team would like to organise a fundraiser to support a cause or event?

An office bake sale, supporting an organisation to run a bag-pack day. The possibilities are endless. 

Cork Volunteer Centre also looks for the support of companies in Cork to support our Cork Volunteer Awards each year. If your organisation would like to sponsor an award, please contact Adam: [email protected] , and he will tell you more about how you can get involved. 


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