Rebels Against Waste is a project delivered by Cork Volunteer Centre.

The idea behind the project is to bring community and voluntary groups and volunteers together to share ideas and increase awareness around waste prevention in Cork City. Essentially, waste prevention is a process of re-thinking how we do things in order not to create waste. Preventing waste is about finding ways to keep items in use longer and not generating as much waste in the first place. 

It’s about: Rethinking the way we do things. Redesigning the items we use. Repairing and reusing items. Building knowledge and skills in the community to facilitate repair and reuse.

This project will help us play our part to achieve the following SDGs:  11 Sustainable Cities and Communities. 12 Responsible Consumption and Production


How To Get Involved 


Take part in our Share your eco-tips campaign on social media

Share your knowledge and tips with us! Inspire others. Show that you can care. Make a short video/photo collection with your simple ideas on how to be more eco friendly: Creative use of recycling. Reusing take away containers. Upcycling furniture. Repairing broken equipment. Recycling used/old clothes etc. Then share it on social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc) during our campaign and tag Cork Volunteer Centre. This can be done solo or in groups or even in the workplace.


Take part in our Bring Plastic Home campaign

We are looking for volunteers to help clean up our public amenities, parks, beaches, woodlands and hillside trails. If you are at the beach or the park or walking in the woods just collect some trash and take it away. Bring it home and recycle if possible or if it can’t be recycled put it in the bin. If everyone can pick up a few  pieces of litter we can make our city and county a healthier, greener and cleaner place for all. This can be done sole or in groups you can even organise a workplace collection.

Non – Profits


Rebels Against Waste is proudly supported by: