Guidelines to Using our Service


How we work with non-profit organisations

Cork Volunteer Centre is an independent and free matching service to encourage more people to become involved in volunteering across Cork City and County. Our role is to provide information and advice to people interested in volunteering and to organisations looking for volunteers. We work with Voluntary and Community Organisations gathering information about their volunteering needs, and, in the process we offer support and advice on good practice in volunteer management.

Cork Volunteer Centre is part of a network of 21 Volunteer Centres and a member of Volunteer Ireland.

Who we work with?

Cork Volunteer Centre will work with any not-for-profit organisation – this includes charities, community groups, co-operatives and statutory organisations such as health centres, schools, hospitals, etc. We may ask to see your constitution or set of rules to clarify this. We will not seek volunteers for individuals or for profit making organisations.

Cork Volunteer Centre serves the needs of organisations operating within Cork City and County.

What Services Do We Provide?

By promoting your Volunteering Opportunities on our online database for Volunteers, Cork Volunteer Centre can match up individuals throughout Cork City and County who want to get involved in volunteering. Organisations who register will have their volunteering opportunities advertised to volunteers via this database. In order to do so, Organisation must first register and provide details such as contact names, staff and volunteer numbers, presence of relevant policies, a charity or company no. (where available). Organisations can register as many opportunities as they like. Each opportunity must have a name, and as many of the questions as possible on the form must be answered. The more information provided the better chance there is of attracting volunteers to the role/s. We can also share your opportunities with other Volunteer Centres around the country if applicable to other counties. We also often advertise opportunities on our Facebook page, or through Twitter, which can attract additional attention. Please let us know if you would like to avail of these services.

Information & Support on Recruiting and Managing Volunteers

Cork Volunteer Centre can provide advice and guidance, or access to information, on a range of issues related to how you manage your volunteers. This might relate to the recruitment of volunteers, motivating volunteers, dealing with difficult situations, etc. This support is available on an ad-hoc basis so please feel free to pick up the phone and talk to us, or we can arrange a meeting.

Volunteer Management Training

Cork Volunteer Centre delivers a four module ‘Volunteer Management Training’ programme. Each module takes about 4 hours and is generally run once a week over four weeks. Please see the training page on our website for further information on the content, locations and upcoming dates of this training. Notification of each Volunteer Management Training programme will be sent out to all our contacts by email.

Garda Vetting

Cork Volunteer Centre provides a Garda Vetting service to voluntary organisations that do not have access to their own Authorised Signatory. An Authorised Signatory is someone who has been trained by An Garda Siochana in the correct administration of Garda Vetting. Because not all small organisations are able to access this Garda training, we may act as an Authorised Signatory. To avail of this service, your organisation, or members of it, must be willing to meet with us and ensure that certain procedures are in place, before Garda Vetting can begin. Please ask us if you would like more information on this.

How We Provide Our Service

If you would like to talk to us about how we might be able to support your organisation please get in touch and one of our staff will be happy to meet with you. Our office is located in the centre of Cork City at 13 North Main Street. You are welcome to visit us in our office. Alternatively we can come to your office, or we can meet at a community space local to you.

Keeping in contact with us

Because our database is electronic and held online, we do a lot of our communication via our website and email. We try to keep our website updated with useful information and we circulate other information via email, Facebook and Twitter. We can also answer queries or seek information for you via email. When you register with us you will need to give us details for one or more contacts, preferably staff or volunteers who manage your volunteers. Please ensure that everyone who wants to receive emails from us is registered as a contact. If you do not wish to receive further communication from us via email please let us know.

Our staff are always available on the phone to answer questions so please feel free to give us a call..

How our Placement Service works

In order that we are able continue to provide our service to organisations and volunteers we need you to keep us updated. Numbers of volunteer placements, from within the network of Volunteer Centres in Ireland, are recorded and reported to the Department of the Environment, Community & Local Government who fund us. Information and figures collected are used for national statistics and strategy, therefore it is important that such information is continued to be gathered in order that awareness is made to the great and vital work of volunteers in Ireland.

Keep Volunteers updated

Many individuals applying to be volunteers may not have volunteered before and therefore may not know what to expect. They may not realize how long the process can sometimes take, or that you might just be extremely busy. They may think you have forgotten about them, and some may even think they were not good enough for the role, which can have repercussions for other choices they make. Therefore it’s important that volunteers are kept updated on how their application is proceeding, particularly if you are awaiting Garda Vetting, a quick email to keep in touch will go a long way. Of course, volunteers may not get back to you, or their circumstances may change, in which case please send us a quick email or phone to let us know..

Let us know when you place a volunteer

If a volunteer has been placed with you, or if they were unsuitable, or if they didn’t contact you again, please let us know.