Involving Corporate Volunteers

How Corporate Volunteer Teams can help YOU


Corporate volunteering is a relatively new concept here, but companies increasingly recognise that a prosperous and healthy community benefits all who live and work there. Volunteering locally provides a great opportunity for staff to engage with non-profit organisations in their community, to the benefit of all involved.

This kind of volunteering is becoming increasingly popular within Cork-based companies who recognise the benefit of their staff supporting local community projects on a volunteer basis for a short period (most usually a half-day to a day). Often in place of a traditional teambuilding day, it’s a chance for them to give something back to their community whilst working together as an effective team in a new environment.

We regularly get requests from local multinationals and local indigenous companies seeking appropriate projects for their employees to volunteer with. Groups are typically in excess of 15 people. Activities particularly suited to Corporate Volunteers are outdoor projects such as gardening and indoor projects such as painting. We would also encourage engaging in bag packing or flag days for fundraising. Occasionally, they can also assist with IT or administrative tasks including PR and marketing.

If your organisation could benefit from a team of Corporate Volunteers then let us know!  Simply complete our Volunteering Project Request Form and return either by post or email to

Please indicate if the project has a fixed date or if you are flexible and we actively advertise and promote your project on our website, database and through social media.

If you have any questions/queries, please do not hesitate to contact us on 021-4251572.