TrustIE – Workshop for Volunteer Involving Organisations

Looking to recruit new trustees (board members)? Want to increase the diversity or skill set on your board? Want access to a pool of interested volunteers?


TrustIE is a new pilot programme to help Volunteer Involving Organisations recruit new trustees (board or steering group members). We will support you to refine recruitment before introducing you to volunteers and helping to find the best fit. Participation is free of charge, but we do ask that you see the programme through to the end.


What do you need to commit to?

  1. Secure buy-in from the board and senior management, where relevant.
  2. Attend one workshop event in June 2018, facilitated by the Volunteer Centre and with an experienced and professional governance trainer.
  3. Draft a role description for board recruitment following guidance from this event.
  4. Attend a final event in the autumn with volunteers, who will also have attended a preparatory workshop.
  5. Follow up with interested candidates for your vacancy.


What Next?

Sign up to attend the Cork Volunteer Centre TrustIE workshop on Tuesday 26th June, which will cover:

  • Training from The Wheel on Good Governance and Board Recruitment
  • Group-work on drafting board role descriptions