Culture Night 2017



On Culture Night 2017, Cork Volunteer Centre will launch our Volunteer Discount Card. This Card offers volunteers a 10% discount with 20 traders in North Main Street and surrounding areas.

Volunteers can receive these cards from the organisations that they volunteer with.

Cork Volunteer Centre will be open from 5pm on September 22nd and we invite anyone to drop in and meet us on the night.

Traders Offering 10% Discounts:

  1. Supermacs (Restaurant), North Main Street, Cork
  2. Crew Cuts (Barbers), 45 North Main Street, Cork
  3. Dalton’s Pharmacy (Pharmacy), North Main Street, Cork
  4. Leader & Co. (Menswear) 76-78 North Main Street, Cork
  5. Minihane’s Jewellers (Jewellers), 27 North Main Street, Cork
  6. The Bigger Picture (Photography), North Main Street, Cork
  7. The Asian Shop (Food), North Main Street, Cork
  8. Vitamin-Shop (Health & Fitness), 19 North Main Street
  9. The Zip Yard , North Main Street, Cork
  10. Tony’s Bistro (Restaurant), North Main Street, Cork
  11. Wagamama (Restaurant), 415 South Main Street, Cork
  12. Marirosa (Beauty Salon), 2 Adelaide Street, Cork
  13. Godsils (Womenswear), 25 Castle Street, Cork
  14. (Printing), 2 Cornmarket Street, Cork
  15. Red Dragon (Food), Cornmarket Street, Cork
  16. Health & Vitality Shop (Health & Fitness), Cornmarket Street, Cork
  17. The Parlour  (Restaurant), Cornmarket Street, Cork
  18. De Café, (Coffee only) Cornmarket Parade, Cornmarket Street, Cork
  19. Kilgrew’s, (Parts Only) Kyle Street, Cork
  20. E O’Callaghan Alteration Services (Tailor), 91 Daunt Square, Cork